Casa do Sobreira


Sanctuary of S. Bento de Porta Aberta

This is a local icon of the area and an undisputed reference for its people. Located in the parish of Rio Caldo, the Sanctuary of the 19th century, it displays the tiles panels of its main chapel, which retract the life of S. Bento. Santo este, it is said, had built here in the sixteenth century a hermitage to welcome the travelers that passed by, to whom the doors never closed. Hence the origin of the name.

The place also offers a picnic area and a lake with some boats, so you can enjoy this mythical site to the fullest.

Caniçada's Albufeira

This is a place with a particular beauty, surrounded by contemporary landmarks, among a seemingly unspoilt lush natural landscape offered by the Rio Caldo.

Here you have the possibility to practice the best and daring nautical sports or else just make a simple trip on a tourist boat. At the end of one or another chance, stroll close by the Marina de Rio Caldo and enjoy the local gastronomy in one of the many restaurants there.

Garranos da Serra da Cabreira

The Garranos (Equus caballus) are a small but robust Portuguese equid species. The brown coat, black mane and tail characterize them. They usually live in male ledges.

Garranos have their natural “sanctuary” here, and more than three hundred of these horses can be observed in groups of varying numbers, grazing freely throughout the year in a semi-wild state.