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Another 500 trees planted to give color to the Serra da Cabreira

Several entities gathered this Thursday morning to plant 500 more trees in a protected area of ​​Serra da Cabreira, in Vieira do Minho, which was severely affected by the fires of October 15 last year. Despite the heavy rain, Mayor Antonio António Cardoso, accompanied by firefighters, Civil Protection, GNR, elements[…]

Snow Blanket in Cabreira Mountain Range

A snow blanket descended on Friday in Serra da Cabreira, high above Vieira do Minho. At the beginning of the afternoon, there are still two negative degrees Celsius, making the delights of those who, despite the cold, risk climbing as much as possible of that mountain to take advantage of[…]

Rally of Portugal – Vieira do Minho

Local Serra da Cabreira Date 19/05/2018 Hour 09.08h and 15.08h In the 52nd edition of the WRC Rally de Portugal, Vieira do Minho is back in this important race of motorsport. May 19, 2018 will be a Saturday of strong emotions in the Cabreira Mountain Range. 09.08h – SS10 Vieira[…]

Feira da Ladra (Chega de Bois)

The Festas Concelhias, known as Feira da Ladra, are the largest cultural poster in the region. They fill the local streets on the first weekend of October. It is said that its denomination goes back to the times when the villagers moved on foot to the fair, using a fork-shaped[…]